Thursday, November 30, 2006

Need A Host For Your Website??! I know the PERFECT one for all of you primitive crafters!!!! ;)

Good Morning! ;) I've gotten a lot of emails lately from some new crafters who are just starting their websites, and they've asked me who/where is the best hosting service to place their website!!! I started with one of the more "popular" website hosts.....I was VERY dissatisfied in the customer service!!! I sent them a couple of emails and they have STILL NOT been answered, and I stopped using almost a year ago....all of the 'extras' supposedly included, with 'award winning' customer service combined, leads me to give that hosting service a negative 1!!!! ;)
Now....for the best service around, go to Brenda will help you get your website up and going in no time at all! And if you EVER have a question, she will usually answer you within the hour!!! She works HARD to get it up and going! She worked on my website for 2 days to get it the way I wanted it!!! She even designs graphics, too! So if you need a set of graphics, just ask her! ;) She can also fix that up for you!
Bottom line, she is the best around.....She comes HIGHLY recommended by all of her customers :)

I know that sounded like a sales pitch, or an Internet it's not....Just sharing some of my experience with web hosting that I learned through trial and error ;).....Hattie's wins hands down!!!!!
I am going to have to get off of here and get busy getting something crafted for my ebayers! :) You have a great day!!!!
brrrrrrrrrrrr it's cold here in Tennessee this morning!!!! :)
Hugs..............until next time! ;)


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