Monday, November 27, 2006

Mailing Lists & Picture Hosting

Do you have a website or ebay site and want to start your own mailing list!??? I just had to let you know about this AWESOME mailing list provider......It allows HTML newsletters...AND, for about 14.00 every 6 months, you can have it AD FREE!!!! I tried bravenet, and lets face it, it has WAY too may ads for the free version, and the paid version is REDICULOUS!!!!! At $99.00 a year!!! If you go to and sign up for your own newsletter, you won't be sorry you did ;).....It is easy to do, too..even for the beginner!

Now I know a lot of you use photobucket, or something similar to host your pictures....But this website is worth it! VERY reasonable rates.....I pay $14.50 every 2 months, and I can store LOTS of pictures! About 3500 I think......anyway, the best part of it is that the down time for this site is almost NEVER! So you pictures for your website or auction will always be showing up for your customers to see ;)........Just go to and check them out......

Ok..enough for tonight, I am beat!!!!! Tired doesn't even describe it! LOL
Have a great night!
See you on the flip side................;)