Saturday, December 30, 2006

Just worn OUT!!!!!!! ;)

Yep, I am as worn out as my prims! Boy this has been a busy holiday season....I am kinda glad it is over, but I just love Christmas, so I want it to stay around a little longer...I still have my lights on....Some people take their lights down the day after Christmas....NOT me ;)....I have been known to leave them up till, as Gretchen Wilson said...."I keep my Christmas lights on my front porch all year long".....I DO live in Tennessee ;).......Yes, that was a joke! ;)
I love it here in Tennessee! I wouldn't live anywhere else in the whole world....I was born and raised right here! And I love it!

I am going to post a couple of pictures of my gorgeous kids....(they get that part from ME)....;) I took this black and white picture of them on Christmas morning...aren't they just darlin'??? ;)

Here is Jake.....Santa FINALLY brought that Xbox 360!!!! ;)

And here is Kolbi...Just excited to open presents!!! LOL

Waiting on Christmas Dinner at my parents house! My mom is the BEST cook in the whole world!! :)

Well it is late, I'd better sign out for now...Thanks for letting me share my awesome kids with you :)

Until next time........Stay warm and be safe!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Past~In Tennessee :)

Oh yes, Christmas is almost here.....My kids are WILD as hungry jungle animals with no raising whatsoever...;)....I can remember being SO nervous, excited, scared, couldn't think of ANYTHING else, loosing sleep, and wondering how in the world would Santa make it to our house in time! Then I would be worried..."Oh I hope Santa didn't see me do THAT...I'll get the shaft for sure, if he did".....but for some reason, he never saw me do that real mean stuff, like being a mean little brat to my big sister ;)...Who just happens to be my best friend EVER....I sure got lucky! Of course, she wasn't always the little angel of the family either....Oh no! :) She was mean to me, too, but she was smarter than me and was a lot more sneakier (If that is a word) still have a few battle scars from my years with her! ;) Oh and lets not forget to mention the time that she made me wear a crochet toilet paper cozy on my head for a hat to school because I couldn't find my hat!!! YES....she did.....and the bad thing was, I WORE it and didn't even put up a fight..I must have liked the colors my Mom chose when she made

Here is a picture of a similar

Either way, my head wasn't cold when I went to school...;)

Christmas time at our house was GLORIOUS! My sister and I would wear the pages out on the big Sears Christmas Wish Book, making our list out to Santa. We made out several lists throughout the month, changing things, adding things, etc. I can remember the year that I wanted a "Mrs Beasley Doll"....The same doll that Buffy had on the show "Family Affair"........I just HAD to have that doll..and of course, I got it ;)....Here is a picture of me with Mrs Beasley, and my sister, Donna, and my grandaddy :) I sure miss him!

Wasn't Donna so cute!????? :) I could just pinch her cheeks.....hehe ;) But I won't do that now, since she might not like

Our Mom and Dad are the BEST, most AWESOME parents! Now I know that a lot of people think that about their own parents, but I tell ya, if I can do one half as good as they did with us, and not meaning money or how much they could buy us! I mean by how much love they gave us! If I can do as good as them, then my kids will grow up and look back on me and my husband like that, and I'll know I did a job well done with them! My Dad always made sure that Christmas was a magical, special time! Of course, he DID say he was gonna break both of Santa's legs on Christmas eve, or at least bruise his shin bones so he couldn't get down the street to our house....LOL...We KNEW he was kidding, but then we DID wonder sometimes....LOL

Yes, our dad IS THE BEST dad in the world!!! And so is our Mom! The same woman who used to stay in her robe all day long with a phone on her ear talking while she watched soaps..:) The same woman who has made EVERY SINGLE Christmas filled with Christmas candy, apples, oranges, tons of awesome twinkling lights and decorations!

She is the best cook in the world, too!! Turnip greens, turkey and dressing, and of course, her famous buscuits and gravy! Make my mouth water! :) She is also GORGEOUS...I hope I look as good and she does at 63!!!! She was also my inspiration and the whole reason I wanted to be a stay at home Mom! She always stayed at home with us when we were little, and I REMEMBER that! I remember how good it felt to be able to come home from school and there she would be waiting on us! I wanted my kids to have that same feeling ;)

I can remember staying in our darkened livingroom with nothing on but the Christmas tree lights..Laying in the floor watching the colorful lights blinking with butterflies in our stomach, nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs! Wondering if we were good enough that year to get what we wanted from Santa! What a magical time in my life! I can also remember the year I saw Santa peek in our livingroom window! OMG I was scared speechless!!!! LOL

I can remember never getting any sleep on Christmas eve night! We went to bed at dusk! lol....Or at least it seemed so...We would listed to a record on my parents' big HUGE stereo that took up most of our living room area! We had an album of "Scrooge"...I can still hear the cracking and popping that old album would make when the record player needle would fall on the album to start! (Shame, my kids don't even know what a record player looks like!!!) Soooo exciting to hear that voice say......"Long, long ago, on a cold bleak Christmas Eve, there lived a grumpy old man, named Ebenezer Scrooge".........And my sister and I just LOVED David Cassidy, on the Partridge Family! The song "Cherish" by David Cassidy, my sister played it OVER AND OVER AND OVER one Christmas, so many times, that it became a traditional Christmas song in our house! And it still is today...even in mine :)

Traditions are so important! Remember to start your own! And be sure to watch "Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story"! No holiday can be complete without those movies ;)

I hope you have a VERY MERRY Christmas!!! HO HO HO!!!!! ;)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Want your own Auction template? I know where you can get one JUST FOR YOU :)

YES.....I DO have the answer to your questions about auction template graphics!! I've found one of the sweetest graphic artists around, and she is SUPER TALENTED!!! A fellow stay at home mom who you'll just love to pieces!! Meet Sara, of "The Vintage Rooster"........Right now she is just on eBay selling her auction templates! And she will do a custom template for you if you want one like I did where nobody else can have it ;).......She does Auction templates, store fronts AND About ME pages all on eBay.......Here is a link to my eBay store.......Check out those awesome graphics ;)........ , And here is my About me page link.....*ridge*primitives ........It all matches my auction template....You won't be sorry :) And Sara has some of the best prices around for custom graphics!!! Here is a link to her ebay store! Be sure to tell her that I sent you :)......................................

Changing the subject real fast........ It is COLD here in Tennessee!!! Officially about 17 degrees at my house here in Tennessee Ridge! I never know how to dress.....Last week it was 78 for the high................UGH........I just want some SNOW! ;) I am hoping we get some this was terrible last year..Hardly any snow at all!!!
Alright.......past my bedtime :) I'll be back tomorrow! I'm sure you just can't wait to read something else, huh? LOL

Until next time....................................................................................................................