Wednesday, October 25, 2006

German Glass Glitter & Mica Flakes~Where to Get Them!

It is a cold fall morning here in Tennessee! I am LOVING the change of favorite time of the year! :)
I have had a lot of customers email me to ask me where to get that awesome real German glass glitter and mica flakes! Well fellow crafters, I've bought from several people over the past couple of years, and you'll find NONE better than splintersandragscrafts on eBay! You can go to and find a lot of different colors and grades of glass glitter! You can also find Mica flakes in her ebay store! Always the best and top quality product from this online seller! And the prices are great, too :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shipping Supplies For FREE!!

Do you sell on ebay or your website? Having trouble finding boxes to ship your goodies in? Look no more! You can go to and order all of your PRIORITY MAIL boxes and get them TOTALLY free.....They will even ship them to you for free!!! Priority mail is just pennies more than the slow 1st class or parcel post mail....Your customers get their packages faster, and for only pennies more! To me, this is the best way to go :).......and you don't have to go to stores and ask them for their boxes before they crush them! :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

E-patterns, or Printed Patterns?? That is the question!!!

I have had a lot of pattern designers ask me if the e-pattern market is profitable....I have one answer to this question.....YES....absolutely!!! There are a few things to look at when you are considering converting your printed patterns into email patterns! Here are some pros and cons to consider.......1st, if you have a large lot of patterns to convert, then it will take quite a while to convert! You are going to have to scan your pattern pieces! Then you will have to get all of the pattern pieces, instructions, materials list, etc., together and convert them into PDF files. You can get someone to do this for you, to save time, but that will also cost you extra. A good investment I would say :)......What is a PDF file? you ask? PDF is a file used to view documents in Adobe Acrobat Reader! This is what your customers will have to have in order to view and print their patterns! If they don't already have Adobe on their computer, then it is real easy to get! They can go to and download the free version of Adobe Reader! Most newer computers already have adobe preinstalled, but if not, it is easy to get! And if is FREE! Now if you want to do your own pattern converting, then you will need to have the FULL version of Adobe Acrobat! This program is costly! About $299.99! Yeah, very high priced! But there is always a way around that! You can either pay someone to convert your pattern files for you as I said above, OR, you can get another program that will do all the coverting just like adobe, and only a fraction of the cost!!!! You can get this awesome program that I have used for a long time to convert.....go to and for about $49.95 you can get a printer driver program that will convert your JPG's, DOC, GIF and MORE files into PDF files. You can read all about it on their website. You are also going to need a nifty pattern cover for your e-patterns!! I've found 2 awesome sources for you to choose from! I've used both of these ladies to design, and they are ABOVE and beyond perfection!!! They won't stop till YOU are satisfied!!! Go to and ask for Deena! Tell her that I sent you her way :).....She is awesome!!! Also, another super sweet awesome lady is Brenda, of Brenda is also a perfectionist who won't stop till you are satisfied! They both have great prices for converting your files, and for creating a pattern cover that you will love!!
If you are like me and print all of your paper patterns off yourself, then you will save a TON on ink supplies!!! That is another good thing! Your customers can have INSTANT gratification! Meaning they get their pattern in record e-mail time, and dont have to wait on their post office to get it to them! There is a con to all of this......there are some rude people out there who like to buy an e-pattern, then pass it out by email to all of their friends and family.....Yeah, sad to know there are so many thieves in the world! But trust me, there are a LOT MORE honest folks out there who won't steal your work!!! They realize it is hard work, and that you spend HOURS and HOURS working hard to make their email pattern!! Always be SURE to use the © symbol on your patterns!!! Your name, address, website, etc., is also a must!! Copyright your designs!!!! And DON’T STAND for it when someone steals your work!!!! :o)
There are a lot of things to consider, but let me tell you, e-patterns are DEFINITELY the way to go :o)....Have fun!!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Start Blogging!!!!

Well I decided that I wanted to start blogging! And what better way to share some of my tips of the trade with you?!?! I have had a ton of gals email me to ask me if they can put their prims in the MICROWAVE to dry! experiement with the microwave was HORRIBLE!!!! LOL.....I would NOT recommend microwaving your primitives to dry them! Now some people do! But me, it is the good ole' fashioned conventional oven! Heat it to about 250-300 degrees! Always watch your things close and don't leave them in there too long! I like to check my stuff about every 5 minutes or so! It is a good habit to get into! Especially if you have had something burn to a crisp on you like I have! LOL...It smells HORRIBLE! And it looks just as bad...:) Another great way to get that time worn, old grungy look to dry is to take it and let it SUN DRY! Sometimes I think that is the best way.....however, it is not always the best way for me, since I don't have the patients to wait for it to dry! :) But on those hot Tennessee Summer is PERFECT....they'll be dry in no time at all!! :)
Keep an eye out for new posts here! I'll be blogging more real soon :)
Bless you all :)
Have a wonderful day!
TRP :)