Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just letting you all know that the e-pattern sale for this week is 5 for $10.
Just email me a list of the 5 e-patterns you want and I will send an invoice to you through Paypal for the $10.00......also, there are a few more of the CD's left that are on sale for $60.00....that is 206 patterns on one CD for $60.00 which includes FREE SHIPPING! But HURRYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

I would like to thank EACH & EVERY one of you who have sent me notes and emails during this terrible time for me and my family......i am in such pain...i know that only time will heal that pain...but right now i just feel like it will never end....i miss my daddy so much!!

thanks again're all just wonderful!!!

love & lots of hugs,

Thursday, January 07, 2010

a very sad thing to have to say.....

Last night, my sister, Donna Veal of moonchildsprimitives, and myself lost our father.....He was the center of our whole family and we are devastated beyond words.....please keep my family in your prayers.......I won't be able to answer many emails for a few please thank you so much for understanding.