Thursday, November 23, 2006


To all of my AWESOME customers who have all become such great friends! :) I am so thankful and VERY blessed to have met some of the SWEETEST ladies around the USA through my primmin'! I just wanted you all to know how VERY much I am thankful for you ALL........You've made this my best year yet! ;)........Each and every one of you are very special to me :)
Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I am STUFFED ;)
Spent the whole day with my family! I was so excited because my sister and her family were able to come down from Kentucky and stay all day.....Nephews and neice, too! :) Why do we eat till we are stuffed, then get sleepy???? :) Yeah, my hubby told me something about turkey has something in it that makes you sleepy!! I will tell myself that anyway, so that I don't keep believing it was just because I am lazy! LOL

I've been meaning to blog more lately, but never enough time in the day! I've got to get out all of my Christmas decorations this weekend and HOPEFULLY get the house decorated and the tree up......Maybe I can get my hubby to get the outside lights up, too! ;)......He is not a "Clark Griswald" for sure! LOL......but he will eventually get those lights up!
I'll be back in a bit.......I need to finish watching an episode of CSI.....I LOVE that show!!!!!! ;)

Bless you all!!!!!