Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WOW...been a long time since my last blog!!!

Well as you know it's been a while since I posted last......1st thing I wanted to mention is that I listed a new FREEBIE for you all! Something for Easter :) And I might need to be reminded to change more often.....here lately I've got too much stuff going on and I have been forgetting to get stuff done!!! Here is a quick link to my freebie page!

Another AWESOME thing is...I finally got a new "Vintage" sewing machine!!!!!! I am so excited over this machine......I've been without a machine for a while because the last one I had was HORRIBLE....feed dogs never worked right....Just made me wanna take it by the cords and whirl it down the hillside! LOL
But my hubby helped me do some research on sewing machines......I got an AWESOME Deal off one from eBay......I got it today and I am so excited to get started on something!!! I just need a new fresh idea!!!! So give me some time :D
Oh,back to my machine...I got a vintage, one owner Viking Husqvarna!! And it came with 64 pre-filled bobbins....the ORIGINAL owners manual...she hardly ever used it, but kept it serviced! Not a scratch on it anywhere!!! All accessories included! it is absolutely awesome :) I will share a pic of it for you to see :)

What a deal I got on this baby!!! It sews like a dream!!!!

I hope to keep you better posted from now on.....I'll be starting a new blog as well about my weight loss journey that I am in the middle of working on......Hopefully some things will be changing around the Ridge soon..........Thanks to ALL of my WONDERFUL customers who have emailed me, and stood beside me no matter if I am making something new or just facebooking :) I ♥ you all!!!!!!!

Enjoy the freebie...........See you soon! ♥
TRP :)