Thursday, September 03, 2009


This site has made such an impact on me & the way I feel! It is TOTALLY AMAZING to GIVE!!!!
You would be so surprised at the way you feel if you just give ONE thing a day....and it doesn't have to mean that you go out and buy something & give it means just simply could give your place in line at the grocery store...You could send an old friend a card, or give some advise! If you get some time go check out the website...It is awesome & I hope you will sign up! IT IS FREE of course!!! :)
So if you get a free minute....check it out :)
I think that we all could change for the better if we just learn to "give" and learn to receive as well...We can all make a change in the world if we start with ourselves :)

Just click on the graphic to go to the website....