Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog Worthy ...Moonchilds Primitives!!!

Just wanted to share my sister's primitive goods with you! If you don't already know, and most of you DO already know ...But Donna, of is my SISTER...and the BEST Sister ever ;)
She inspires me so much...Since I can remember she has been so crafty! She can paint ANYTHING!! I love her style....she is one of the biggest inspirations for me as an artist, a mother, and just a person all together.......I could not have picked a better sister if I would have had the chance to choose!! Of course when we were little we could NOT stand each remember thinking "IF SHE touches me ONE MORE TIME I will die of sister poisoning!!!" LOL....well as you well know, that did NOT happen! HAHA...sometimes I wonder how we survived childhood lol......We used to play "Bewitched"....I was always Samantha, and she was Endora..hehe...she almost broke her elbow "popping in" like Endora always did on Samantha...Only my sister "endora" popped in on some ICE....and slid, and almost broke her elbow!!! LOL...I remember laughing SO hard....LOL...she was mad at me for laughing at her, but I just couldn't help it!! And of course NOW we both can laugh....cause there were no broken bones after all...hehe......she also gave me a good scar between the eyes using a Folgers coffee can!!! :) I just happened to be UNDER the bed hiding from her & my mom...(not sure why, but it was because I had done something was determined to get me OUT from under the bed...Folgers not only wakes you up when you put it in your cup, but it also BRINGS YOU OUT FROM UNDER A BED!!! They need to add that to their
Anyway, like me, she took a break from her primitives for a while....but she is BACK with a BANG.....:) Halloween is her specialty!! Something else we have in common!! The love for Halloween!!! :)
I just wanted to let you know that she has some awesome spooky stuff up for auction! So if you get a chance....check out her eBay auctions by clicking here!!!

Ok....enough for now....time to get back to my sewing machine :)


ohiofarmgirl said...

Well..i didnt know you were sisters but I do love both of your blogs so...get busy you too. LOL Create so we can be inspired. Dianntha

Moonchild said...

ah the memories....*sighing* Girl, you've got it all backward, YOU are the bestest sister in the whole wide world!!!! I LOVE YOU!! You rock my socks right off! (((hugs))) yur sister, Endora *wink*

Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

Sweet picture!!! Both of you are very talented and I love your work!!!

WoolenSails said...

I didn't know you were sisters, but I can believe it, you both have a gift for primitive pieces. I will have to check out her new stuff.


By Way of Salem said...

You two are just so cute! And both so talented! Donna actually gave me craft advice a while back before I started By Way of Salem! When she moved to her new house in KY and a tornado blew nearby, I was worried for her but her and her family were all ok! Whew! And of course she told me all about Tennessee Ridge Primitives. Oh she was trying to help me come up with a name for my craft business - that's right! Anyway, you're both so special and do such wonderous prims!!! Love them all. And I'll be ordering some patterns very soon here. You're great inspirations - not just as artists, but as great gals too! Warmest, Jeannine