Wednesday, March 25, 2009

News from the Ridge :)

I hope this finds you all doing great!!
It has been a rat race around my house lately! But I am still here, so I can't complain :)
We had our annual Irish Day celebration over the weekend...We had a great time! The kids always love it...:) Some of the small town festivities that I enjoy every year..the annual parade..always fun to watch..the rides, and the vendors that set up every year to sell their goods! It is so important to support local businesses & crafters, but it is also a hard time for everybody! Anyway, we all had fun!! My son Jacob marched in the parade with the Houston County High School band! I am so proud of him!! He is growing up too fast though!!! :(

Kolbi had fun spending my money on silly cotton candy!!!

I just loved this picture below! I took it while she was on the ride & it was going fast...:) It's Kolbi riding a ride with her little boyfriend, cute!!!!

And here is a sweet picture of Jacob & his girlfriend, Aubrey :)

I will close for now....time to run some errands, then get back home! Its a rainy day in Tennessee today!!! :)