Friday, April 04, 2008

eBay's Policy Change & how it affects e-patterns

well as you probably know by now, ebay won't let us sell digital goods, (E-patterns, E-recipes, E-Books, etc.) on their website anymore.....i have had a TON of emails, and i have tried to answer them all :) needless to say, i've been sittin' at my computer for many hours.......but i wanted to be SURE that you all know where to find my e-patterns!!
not only are e-patterns FAST, cheaper, & you can start your craft right away by printing it out yourself, but they are also better for our environment!!!!!!! HELLO eBay!!!!!!!!!!!!
here in the age when we need to be thinking more about how to be ECO FRIENDLY, ebay wants us to cut a few more of our trees down and clog up the USPS which means we have to purchases more stamps.....more envelopes, more paper....more ink.....etc, and cut another tree down....shame on you ebay!!!!!
But again, NOT to can ALWAYS get my e-patterns from my website at
INSTANT downloads from by clicking this link.....
i am also listing my printed patterns on ebay!
until next time..........
keep on primmin' ;)