Friday, March 23, 2007

How do you make your stuff look so GRUNGY??????????

I have been asked this question so much......:) And I sure do not mind answering it.......But I thought I would save my fingers some typing if I add it read on..........;)
The method that I have used for a LONG time is about 5 tablespoons of instant coffee to every ONE cup of HOT water that you use....I mix up a large batch at a time since I use so much...This makes a good DARK stain! Now add about 1 tablespoon of cinnamon to each 3 cups of sure that you add the cinnamon while the water is good and hot so it will dissolve. And remember, that cinnamon is going to settle down in the bottom of your container and it will turn to some awesome gooey sludge mix......DO NOT throw it out......This is a GOOD thing.....;).....brush your primitives with that sludge!!!! I also add some vanilla extract to my can use the imatation vanilla, that is just fine!! Also, don't spend a lot of money on expensive instant coffee.....get the generic!!! I put my coffee stain in an old coffee pot and leave it sitting out at all times!! I cover it up when at night, but you do NOT have to refrigerate it!! I leave mine out all the time.....
Dry your primitives in the OVEN!!! Turn your oven on about 250-300 degrees.....Put them on an old cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil.....This is my preferred method....Don't worry about them scorching...just watch them :) And scorching is sometimes a GOOD Thing in the prim world :) can also sun dry in the summer time.......
Hope this helps you out........Have fun!!!!!
Many Blessings,