Saturday, December 30, 2006

Just worn OUT!!!!!!! ;)

Yep, I am as worn out as my prims! Boy this has been a busy holiday season....I am kinda glad it is over, but I just love Christmas, so I want it to stay around a little longer...I still have my lights on....Some people take their lights down the day after Christmas....NOT me ;)....I have been known to leave them up till, as Gretchen Wilson said...."I keep my Christmas lights on my front porch all year long".....I DO live in Tennessee ;).......Yes, that was a joke! ;)
I love it here in Tennessee! I wouldn't live anywhere else in the whole world....I was born and raised right here! And I love it!

I am going to post a couple of pictures of my gorgeous kids....(they get that part from ME)....;) I took this black and white picture of them on Christmas morning...aren't they just darlin'??? ;)

Here is Jake.....Santa FINALLY brought that Xbox 360!!!! ;)

And here is Kolbi...Just excited to open presents!!! LOL

Waiting on Christmas Dinner at my parents house! My mom is the BEST cook in the whole world!! :)

Well it is late, I'd better sign out for now...Thanks for letting me share my awesome kids with you :)

Until next time........Stay warm and be safe!!!