Saturday, October 07, 2006

Start Blogging!!!!

Well I decided that I wanted to start blogging! And what better way to share some of my tips of the trade with you?!?! I have had a ton of gals email me to ask me if they can put their prims in the MICROWAVE to dry! experiement with the microwave was HORRIBLE!!!! LOL.....I would NOT recommend microwaving your primitives to dry them! Now some people do! But me, it is the good ole' fashioned conventional oven! Heat it to about 250-300 degrees! Always watch your things close and don't leave them in there too long! I like to check my stuff about every 5 minutes or so! It is a good habit to get into! Especially if you have had something burn to a crisp on you like I have! LOL...It smells HORRIBLE! And it looks just as bad...:) Another great way to get that time worn, old grungy look to dry is to take it and let it SUN DRY! Sometimes I think that is the best way.....however, it is not always the best way for me, since I don't have the patients to wait for it to dry! :) But on those hot Tennessee Summer is PERFECT....they'll be dry in no time at all!! :)
Keep an eye out for new posts here! I'll be blogging more real soon :)
Bless you all :)
Have a wonderful day!
TRP :)